Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sunburst Rose

I used my own photo for this painting but followed closely the exercise by Gary Greene of the rose in the book The Ultimate Guide to CP.

I used Prismacolour Pencils and used the layering effect. It is on A4 size W&N Lana Cartridge Paper.

Working up to a rose .........

This is the ref pic I used for a rose painting using coloured pencil.

This was a white rose in a bouquet of flowers I sent my wife for her birthday. I changed the colour using PS Elements and got close and personal.

Coloured Pencil

Well here I am again 3 years down the line ........... phew it's been hard ...... :)

Why here and now ...... well I have just joined the UKCPS (UK Coloured Pencil Society) and it seems it helps if you have your own blog ......... so in the depths of my mind I remembered I started this years ago then left it so here we go.

Due to a recent illness and a couple of stays in hospital I found my first love watercolour, a little difficult to continue with so thought I'd try something new and so blew the dust off a set of coloured pencils that had been in the drawer for years.

I purchased a book by Gary Greene and one by Lee Hammond and did the exercises, layering and burnishing curves, apples and pears. Drew noses, ears lips and hair and so now feel ready to explore .......... above is the towel exercise I did from Lee Hammonds book ........... may frame this one for the bathroom.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

The other painting

Just thought I had best put up the other painting I showed at the Harris in Preston.

Testing the Water

Well this is something I never thought I would be doing .......... Blogging :lol:

The title is a reference to me splashing about in watercolour painting,but suppose it could also be a reference to me splashing about on here not knowing what to do .......

Well we have just got Christmas over, and one more party to go to at sister in laws tonight and that's it. We are having a quiet New Year, just going to Joanne and Ian's for a meal.

I have had 2 paintings in the Harris Open Show in Preston and the show finished on Christmas Eve so must go and pick up the paintings on Mon or Tues, otherwise they destroy them.

The above is one of the paintings I showed, it was from a photo from a friend, Doug, of Gondoliers taking a break in Venice.